HBS MBA: resetting your life

Hundreds of students are gathering in and around Boston for the upcoming start of the HBS MBA program later this month. They rush to Target(*) for a last piece of furniture, they get their paperwork sorted in Cambrigde and start meeting up with their their future fellow students for a drink at Harvard Square.

I’m one of them, though I believe to have a rather specific profile. First of all, I’m an international student from Europe, meaning that on top of the trips to Target, I have to get other stuff sorted such as phone and bank accounts. Second, I’m older than the average student. While people generally tend to underestimate my age, official papers will indicate 1980 as my year of birth. Last but not least, I might not fully match the typical HBS student’s profile, as I considers myself a calm and reserved type compared to the stereotype of the assertive and outgoing HBS-student.

I arrived in the US just a couple of days ago and I still feel very new to this country. I have to get used to speaking English all the time (while my mother tongue is Dutch), I’m discovering different food in the supermarkets and have to get used to the US tipping culture. It’s these little things that make me aware that the next 2 years will not just be about doing an MBA – it’s about resetting my whole life. It feels as if I’m installing a new operating system (the software) for my body (the hardware).

Below table provides a comparison between my previous and my current life. Spot the one exception…

Important parts of my life seem to be at the verge of a new beginning, which has made me wonder about the items I’m happy to be able to reset. I guess it’s too early to tell if these will outnumber the items I regret changing. Only time can tell…

To be continued…

(*) Target: a store that sells it all… furniture, hairdryers, food, towels, you name it…


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