HBS Summertime – Hot in the cities…

 SummerTimeThe summer at HBS can almost be considered as an integral part of the HBS curriculum. While students are officially on Holiday, the vast majority of of them use these free months of June-July-August to test their newly acquired knowledge in all kind of business environments and cultures – meet the MBA interns!

I myself have pushed my summer internship to the extreme, by interning for 2 different companies on 2 different continents. I spent the first six weeks of the summer interning at a management consulting firm in Europe, before moving for another 6 week assignment for an ecommerce business in Japan. With my official home still being the US and taking into account the HBS assignment in Ghana, Africa, earlier this year (read about it HERE!), I will have lived and worked on 4 continents over a period of 6 months! Pretty crazy now I think about it. I will only have missed Australia and Antartica.

Fortunately, I have my fellow section-mates to help me fill the remaining boxes. Indeed, most of them travel the world over summer in search of jobs or just for fun and Holidays. When reading through the excel sheet that keeps tracks of our section travels, I see places mentioned like Beirut, Burma, Scotland, Montenegro, Israel, Panama, Alaska, New Zealand, Kenya, Maui, Hungary, Brasil, Pakistan, Georgia (specified as former-Soviet-Union Georgia, not the US State). I am not even able to point all of these places on a world map.

HBSAirlinesOne thing is for sure: my second year at HBS, starting September 3rd, will be full of stories of travels and jobs accomplished from all over the world. And maybe all of these travels will earn some of us enough frequent flyer miles to make it to that last spot that currently seems to be escaping the HBS crowds – prepare yourself, Antartica!

Have a great summer!

Greetings from Tokyo!


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