The HBS tag (summer) cloud

HBSSummerCloud2I had the best of summers this year. Although I have been working with almost no interruption for the last three months, I have enjoyed every second of it. I am wondering though if my summer was representative of what a typical HBS summer looks like. So instead of giving a full report of my summer, I’d rather give an overview of how my fellow section mates felt about the HBS summer.

I did so by consolidating (most) of the emails I received from them over summer. These were not just random emails – rather they were part of a relatively young tradition at HBS: the 92 days of summer. Each of my 92 section mates was assigned a date at the beginning of summer. On that date, each of us was supposed to send an email to the whole section containing whatever we wanted to share on the summer.

It has been a real pleasure to read those emails. Some of them were short and to the point. Others were a duly report of activities. And then there were those that can be considered as a beautiful piece of writing and storytelling.

To summarize my section mates’ summers, I decided to compile these emails into one document and have it summarized by a tagcloud. Find the result below. My tribute to the HBS summer:


Let’s have a closer look at the ‘HBS Summer Tag’ awards:

Overall winner: WORK
… which I guess makes a lot of sense…

Best adverb: REALLY
… summer experiences must have been REALLY intense…

Commercial award: NIKE
… the most-tagged brand name in our tag cloud… I guess one could call this clever use of social media… 😉

Best gender award: GUYS
… GUYS was used more than the word WOMEN… hmmmm…

Geography award: ISRAEL
… a lot of tags for Israel… well, I did notice from the emails that the Israel trek was a huge success!!!

Most unexplainable word: DON
… ??? …

Well, hope this helps to get an idea of what the HBS summer looks like… three valuable months between our first and second year at HBS…

Counting down to that start of the second year at HBS after a REALLY AMAZING SUMMER with the BEST INERNSHIPS and BEAUTIFUL… eh … GUYS…!?!


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