HBS talents – more than just brainpower!?!

HBS Show 2014 at Burden Auditorium

You just missed it this year, but there’s always next year!

What does it take to be famous among the HBS student body? Well, being a star professor at HBS sure helps – think Dean Nohria, Youngme Moon and Clay Christensen. But it turns out that one doesn’t have to be a professor to be notorious among the HBS student body. Tim Butler is one of these non-academics that is a well-known person at HBS. According to his bio, Tim Butler is the Director of Career Development Programs. In practice, he chairs a couple of sessions during RC-year (Required Curriculum – the first year at HBS) during which he invites students to think about their career choices. He advises all students to ‘follow their heart’ when making professional choices. His fame has reached such a level that he has joined the star professors in being caricatured during the yearly HBS show. Indeed, once a year, HBS students present a show that is a great parody on life at HBS – and this year wasn’t any different. And if you ask me, Tim Butler (or at least the student that played his role) was the star of this year’s show!

HBS Show - on Broadway soon?!?

HBS Show – on Broadway soon?!?

Their was one scene starring Tim Butler that was particularly brilliant – on the tones of the Ylvis song ‘What does the fox say?’ (find original video HERE), Tim Butler was singing his version of the song: ‘What does your heart say?’ The result was hilarious… and it clearly states the difficulty associated with listening to our hearts. Find part of the scene HERE!

This year’s show (or should I say musical) had some other great moments. There was the “Our transcripts do not really count” song (on the tones of Total Eclipse of the Heart) and the cleverly made “B-school pressure” hit (on the tones of Queens’ Under Pressure).

And besides songs and imitations of professors, the favorite hangouts of HBS students where also present: the Kong in Harvard Square (great place to dance and to find someone to hook up with), the castle where Newport ball is being held and and the omnipresent Aldrich classrooms.

Sure, the show will never make its way to Broadway, but I am very impressed by the cleverness of some of the jokes, the great costumes and scenery used on stage and some of the dancing. It is also fun to see that older MBA students still find their way to Burden Auditorium each year to look at this show that has been around since the mid-90-ies!

Congrats to all students involved in making the show! Great talents!!! I had a great time! And as to you, blog readers, let me know what your heart says!!!


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