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Business School MBA rankings – the weather variant

This is in Fahrenheit people!

This is in Fahrenheit people!

Anyone considering to apply to an MBA program is familiar with the MBA Rankings. Rankings come in different types and focus on different aspects, but at the end of the day, the schools are mostly being audited and ranked on things like out-of-school salaries, GMAT scores and % salary increases. Most of these things seem heavily correlated with what to expect about life AFTER school, but very little with life DURING school. After all, with the typical US MBA program being a 2-year endeavor, one could wonder if quality of life during these 2 years should be an aspect to consider for students when applying to schools. This quality of life can include things like local cost of living, crime rates, number of non-stop airline connections and cultural life of the city. But as I made my way back to Boston last week after a long and well-deserved winter break abroad, I was hit so hard by the cold that I decided to make my own MBA ranking based on a quality of life parameter that really matters to me: the climate! Continue reading


The art of recruiting: the HBS cattle

DreamJobMid of January at HBS and recruiting is getting more serious than ever. In the past couple of months, companies have been advertising themselves to students by offering information session, free food and drinks and tons of ‘goodies’ – I have a dozen of company branded water bottles at home. Today, the table has turned, as students are trying to secure an interesting internship at one of the top companies by going to a couple of intense interviewing days. Continue reading