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Second year at HBS – last but not least?

The old versus the new   -   EC versus RC students

The new (life at HBS in the first year) versus the old (HBS in second year) – but which one is the best!?!

I have survived both RC (Required Curriculum – the first year at HBS) and EC year (Elective Curriculum – the second year at HBS). I am about to finish my HBS MBA and am thus (choose for yourself) – old / graduated / spoiled for life / happy / super excited to go back to work / broke. But most of all, I have become a real specialist that can shed a light on all aspects of the HBS MBA program. And today,  I will be comparing the two years at HBS – RC and EC year!

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Rating the HBS MBA student – survival of the whole herd

The real HBS exam - getting in!

Getting in – The real HBS exam

Exams and schools seem to be fully interlinked, and HBS is no exception to that. At the end of each semester, students are to complete a set of tests to determine their grades. Most exams are based on a HBS case study for which students receive 4 to 5 hours to read, analyse and write an answer to the case. Some professors at HBS do not organize exams but require students to write a paper related to the class topic. Exams or papers alike, the students’ performance on these tests along with the quality of their class participation during the semester will determine their final grades. Continue reading

Measuring the HBS academic experience: to case or not to case?

2012_12 - inside case methodI just started the final exams of my first semester here at HBS – a clear sign that the semester is reaching its end. Time to reflect on the HBS experience so far. It’s difficult to give an objective opinion on the HBS MBA program. One cannot measure the ‘future career prospects’ or the ‘dynamism of the student life’ and the networks that it forms. I did however find a way to quantify one of the HBS MBA promisses: the HBS academic experience.  Here’s how HBS describes it on their website: “Through case method courses, FIELD projects, multimedia simulations, and more, you’ll exercise the leadership skills you will practice in business and beyond.” So here’s how I tried to measure this by looking at my outlook calendar. Continue reading

HBS: standing out before and during the MBA

Some of you are probably applying to HBS at this time. It’s a wrestle against standardized exams such as TOEFL and GMAT, nights spend on essay writing (and mostly re-writing) and tons of mock interviews before clearing the last interview hurdle. All of these efforts serve only one goal –  to stand out amongst the thousands  of applicants. Those of you that manage to make it beyond the admissions cliffs will be part of the next HBS class. Congratulations. Continue reading