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IT tools in support of HBS students – check!

The gatekeeper to so much information

The gatekeeper to so much information

Walking to the HBS campus can be a little bit hazardous. I requires carefully gliding over footpaths covered with ice and snow and trying to avoid other students walking on the same narrow footpaths who are not paying any attention to where they are going as they are continuously looking at their phones. And I admit that I have also become one of these distracted students, as I often check course information on my phone on my daily walk to campus. An overview of HBS technology: Continue reading


Cold feet for the HBS cold call – a survival guide

cold_feetThe MBA program at HBS is fully case-based. Students prepare a case up front and discuss all aspects of the case in class. The professor has the role of facilitator and specialist. As these discussions are such an important part of the teaching method at HBS, students’ grades depend heavily on class participation. Most of this class participation is on a voluntary basis, as students get called on after raising their hand. There is however one exception to this rule – the HBS cold call. Continue reading