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HBS breaks – Work hard OR play hard

HBS Break classroomThe HBS MBA consists of a full-time 2-year program – but full-time only means so much. The 2 years spent getting an MBA degree include a couple of breaks. To some, the breaks are more important than the actual time spent in HBS classrooms. Find an overview of the 3 types of breaks found at HBS and their specificities below. Continue reading


The HBS tag (summer) cloud

HBSSummerCloud2I had the best of summers this year. Although I have been working with almost no interruption for the last three months, I have enjoyed every second of it. I am wondering though if my summer was representative of what a typical HBS summer looks like. So instead of giving a full report of my summer, I’d rather give an overview of how my fellow section mates felt about the HBS summer. Continue reading

HBS Summertime – Hot in the cities…

 SummerTimeThe summer at HBS can almost be considered as an integral part of the HBS curriculum. While students are officially on Holiday, the vast majority of of them use these free months of June-July-August to test their newly acquired knowledge in all kind of business environments and cultures – meet the MBA interns! Continue reading