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HBS talents – more than just brainpower!?!

HBS Show 2014 at Burden Auditorium

You just missed it this year, but there’s always next year!

What does it take to be famous among the HBS student body? Well, being a star professor at HBS sure helps – think Dean Nohria, Youngme Moon and Clay Christensen. But it turns out that one doesn’t have to be a professor to be notorious among the HBS student body. Tim Butler is one of these non-academics that is a well-known person at HBS. According to his bio, Tim Butler is the Director of Career Development Programs. In practice, he chairs a couple of sessions during RC-year (Required Curriculum – the first year at HBS) during which he invites students to think about their career choices. He advises all students to ‘follow their heart’ when making professional choices. His fame has reached such a level that he has joined the star professors in being caricatured during the yearly HBS show. Indeed, once a year, HBS students present a show that is a great parody on life at HBS – and this year wasn’t any different. And if you ask me, Tim Butler (or at least the student that played his role) was the star of this year’s show!

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Key lessons from MBA – Sell Tesla stock!?!

The stuff that HBS loaded into my brain matrix-style...

The stuff that HBS loaded into my brain matrix-style…

I am now 60 days away from graduation. Time has come to look at what I have actually learned during the hundreds of class sessions I had over the last 2 years. Below summary does not intend to be an exhaustive overview of what is being taught at HBS – rather it is a listing of some stuff that got stuck with me. Find your free 2-year HBS MBA program summarized in a 5 minute read below. Enjoy! Continue reading

The offline MBA – survival through differentiation?

The HBS campus of the future?

The HBS campus of the future?

As I am sipping on a coffee in one of a major coffeeshop’s chain stores, I realize that an internal meeting of that coffee shop is going on next to me. As a business school student, I was too curious not to try and pick up part of the activity and the conversations. It seemed that four persons were receiving training. I was impressed by the format and the professionalism of the meeting. The person I identified to be the instructor was sharing Starb…  the coffee shop’s values and priorities, and its key focus on customer happiness. As they discuss these topics, they get interrupted occasionally by another employee, bringing them all kinds of cakes and snacks. As the trainees try the snacks sitting in front of them, they discuss their taste, their content of the cake and their texture. They even discuss what drink some of these snacks would fit best with. And the discussion is quite lively I have to say. I am really impressed when the instructor asks each of them what an ideal snack would look/taste like to them. Now everybody gets really exited and launches ideas back and forth. The employees seem really involved.

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The art of recruiting: the HBS cattle

DreamJobMid of January at HBS and recruiting is getting more serious than ever. In the past couple of months, companies have been advertising themselves to students by offering information session, free food and drinks and tons of ‘goodies’ – I have a dozen of company branded water bottles at home. Today, the table has turned, as students are trying to secure an interesting internship at one of the top companies by going to a couple of intense interviewing days. Continue reading

FIELD 2 in Ghana: in the name of the rose!

GhanaEven terminal 5 in London Heathrow has only so much entertainment to offer during a 4,5 hour layover, so I’m going to use this time wisely to reflect on my time in Accra, Ghana, which I left just a couple of hours ago. I spent 10 days in Africa as part of the FIELD 2 course at HBS – a course aimed at immersing first-year MBA students in doing business in a developing country. Continue reading

The HBS Case Method – Effective learning or an effective marketing scheme?

The Harvard Business School (HBS) teaching approach is exclusively based on the case method (find out more on HBS website here or on youtube here). Before coming to HBS, I was a bit skeptical about it. How do you teach accounting using the case method? Turns out, it works. It’s even incredibly effective. And accounting has since become my favorite class. Here’s a detailed description of the process of a typical HBS case and class. Continue reading

The HBS Club Fair – Sign up for your future friends HERE!!!…

HBS is not only about business cases or the occacional party. It’s also a great place to build social relationships with a magnitude of people from different backgrounds and cultures. HBS Clubs were initiated as a great way for students with similar interests to meet. Today, there are a total of 76 student clubs at HBS (for an MBA student body of about 1800). Continue reading