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Cold feet for the HBS cold call – a survival guide

cold_feetThe MBA program at HBS is fully case-based. Students prepare a case up front and discuss all aspects of the case in class. The professor has the role of facilitator and specialist. As these discussions are such an important part of the teaching method at HBS, students’ grades depend heavily on class participation. Most of this class participation is on a voluntary basis, as students get called on after raising their hand. There is however one exception to this rule – the HBS cold call. Continue reading


Class visitors – a long-tail distribution

2013_04 - HBS welcomeAll first-year students at Harvard Business School (HBS) follow the same rigorous program, and they do so in their assigned classroom and with their same section-mates. However, the number of class attendees tends to vary from one class to another. This number can decrease because of absentees, but can also increase thanks to the presence of that special specimen – the HBS classroom guest.  Continue reading

HBS routine – or not quite?

Cold and snowy Boston

Cold and snowy Boston

The start of my second semester at HBS has been harsh. I expected the start of classes last week to be a nice experience, where I would slip back in my controlled routine I had established in the first semester. It turns out however that prepping cases after a well-deserved 6-week break is harder than I had expected. Continue reading