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Second year at HBS – last but not least?

The old versus the new   -   EC versus RC students

The new (life at HBS in the first year) versus the old (HBS in second year) – but which one is the best!?!

I have survived both RC (Required Curriculum – the first year at HBS) and EC year (Elective Curriculum – the second year at HBS). I am about to finish my HBS MBA and am thus (choose for yourself) – old / graduated / spoiled for life / happy / super excited to go back to work / broke. But most of all, I have become a real specialist that can shed a light on all aspects of the HBS MBA program. And today,  I will be comparing the two years at HBS – RC and EC year!

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The art of recruiting: the HBS cattle

DreamJobMid of January at HBS and recruiting is getting more serious than ever. In the past couple of months, companies have been advertising themselves to students by offering information session, free food and drinks and tons of ‘goodies’ – I have a dozen of company branded water bottles at home. Today, the table has turned, as students are trying to secure an interesting internship at one of the top companies by going to a couple of intense interviewing days. Continue reading

Forget about autumn! – The current season is recruiting season!

HBS has an interesting policy linked to recruiting. Companies are not allowed to set foot on the HBS campus before early November. The only exposure of students to the outside corporate world is limited to a ‘Bain consulting’ banner hanging on a table providing students with free drinks on a sunny Friday afternoon, or a fancy Boston Consulting Group umbrella that would be distributed in the students’ mailboxes. Continue reading