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Second year at HBS – last but not least?

The old versus the new   -   EC versus RC students

The new (life at HBS in the first year) versus the old (HBS in second year) – but which one is the best!?!

I have survived both RC (Required Curriculum – the first year at HBS) and EC year (Elective Curriculum – the second year at HBS). I am about to finish my HBS MBA and am thus (choose for yourself) – old / graduated / spoiled for life / happy / super excited to go back to work / broke. But most of all, I have become a real specialist that can shed a light on all aspects of the HBS MBA program. And today,  I will be comparing the two years at HBS – RC and EC year!

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Social Media at HBS – Facebook stalkers rule!

Do you know who is watching you on facebook?

Do you know who is watching you on Facebook?

One of my courses at HBS this year is called Competing with Social Networks. I took this course because I frankly don’t know all that much about social media. I check my Facebook account once a month, I have an occasional look on Yelp before booking a restaurant and while I have heard about the newer tools such as Instagram and Vine I have never used them. I realize that my limited use of social media is not quite the norm at HBS. But with businesses from all over the world making tons of money through the use of social media, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some understanding of what social media are really all about. Hence my decision to enroll in this class. I meanwhile learned some interesting stuff, for example that much of Facebook’s initial success could be allocated to the fact that it allows for people to secretively stalk on one another. Crazy no? Continue reading

HBS Section Retreat: the student experience

It is a HBS custom to spend a weekend with all 90 of your section mates in a resort in Massachusetts or neighboring state in the weeks following the start of the MBA program. The weekend can be best summarized as a combination of games, parties and a lot of drinking. But most of all, it is a first real opportunity to get to know many of your fellow HBS mates in a total different setting. Continue reading