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Social Media at HBS – Facebook stalkers rule!

Do you know who is watching you on facebook?

Do you know who is watching you on Facebook?

One of my courses at HBS this year is called Competing with Social Networks. I took this course because I frankly don’t know all that much about social media. I check my Facebook account once a month, I have an occasional look on Yelp before booking a restaurant and while I have heard about the newer tools such as Instagram and Vine I have never used them. I realize that my limited use of social media is not quite the norm at HBS. But with businesses from all over the world making tons of money through the use of social media, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some understanding of what social media are really all about. Hence my decision to enroll in this class. I meanwhile learned some interesting stuff, for example that much of Facebook’s initial success could be allocated to the fact that it allows for people to secretively stalk on one another. Crazy no? Continue reading


HBS architecture and the latest addition – Tataaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The new Tata building at HBS

The new Tata building at HBS

Just a couple of weeks ago, HBS proudly opened its latest building to the public. The Tata-building (buildings are traditionally named after one of its biggest donors – the Tata Trust donated $50m for the construction of the building) will mainly be dedicated to executive education, which is clearly stated in its very corporate-looking design with tons of glass and shiny bright walls. The same kind of building that is used by a Tata Nano car to drive onto to avoid traffic (at least that’s what happens in the online advertisement – see it HERE). It is the first building in that style on the HBS campus. While the building looks nice, it does not stand out, which I believe to be a missed change. One doesn’t get a $50m donation every year to expand a campus. Continue reading